A Super Story & Super Yachts! #5WFs(65th)

1. What I’m inspired by: Many things about Pachinko; first the book and then the internationally highly rated eponymous TV adaptation by APPLE TV LIMITED. I am taken by the creative process, themes explored and cinematic immersion. I am poignantly reminded of our responsibility as culture custodians and perception shapers for our people, nations and continents. I feel elevated by the unmatchable power of storytelling and oh, so levitated by the winning gender trifecta; author, showrunner and protagonist — all female!

2. What I’m reading: “By 2024, the global non-alcoholic beer market is poised to surpass $25b, with an 8% annual growth. Traditional beer sales are only expected to climb by 1.8%.” Where are the opportunities? How are the big players positioning? What should the smaller players do and what are the socioeconomic factors driving this? Drink up here: https://bit.ly/3Q8huYE

3. What I’m excited about: My third trip through “Is there a book in you?” by Alison Baverstock. Long time no read. Hope to enjoy and learn from it as much as I did previously.

4. What I did: Spoke as panelist, alongside other brilliant women on the topic; Female Friendshi-preneurs. Thanks to Goal Women Africa for the invitation and Omodolapo Jayeola for having me. Blessing Efe Ehibor, MBA, SHRM®Nikita Nkese #TomiJoseph

5. What’s up: Apart from naira to the dollar? Well, the number of people in the world buying Super Yachts! Super thanks to “the pandemic and skyrocketing wealth”. Understandably a very “God, when-ish” news but thank God for the Tobi Amusans who let us know all things are possible. Check out a yacht size for your vision board here: https://bit.ly/3zIh0CT Relax, it can happen. (lol) Have a great weekend.


Every Friday-ish, I do a quick round up of 5 things; What I’m Inspired by, What I’m Reading, What I’m Excited About, What I Did and What’s Up! These are my takes on 5 significant, sublime and sometimes silly stuff! Follow me on Medium so you don’t miss this! Feedback’s great so don’t forget to clap, like, comment and share with others. Again…enjoy! #5WhatsFridays



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Omole Imosemi

Omole Imosemi

Writer. Ex-Writer. Wannabe Writer.