Building Unicorns and Slaying Dragons! #5WFs(56th)

1. What I’m inspired by: The win (or not?) of the House of Reps. primaries ticket by Olubankole Wellington. It’s telling how my despairing heart sparked a glimmer for my nation, like that one matchstick that finally flickers after weary trials of several on a soggy matchbox. That initial news was a salve to an ailing soul, a beginning thought that perhaps, it was still possible. Perhaps, Nigeria.

2. What I’m reading: This email by Y Combinator to portfolio companies to “plan for the worst”. It’s already here; hiring freezes, layoffs, cost cuts, rising inflation, and *shivers* what could be an end to a global bullish funding run. How to survive as a business? The email with the subject “Economic Downturn” came with recommendations. Here:

3. What I’m excited about: Gemini season! Grateful for the tenacity of life. May 2022 is going, forever tucked in the annals of time and one can only look forward with hope. Methinks June has the highest number of birthday celebrations. No data. Only a truckload of bias. It’s my month after all. Please allow.

4. What I did: Stumbled on the truly remarkable Damina sisters. After attempts to join the film industry in Lagos Nigeria proved difficult, Jemima Damina (Director), Jesimiel (Screenwriter) and Jeiel (Actress), all under 30, founded Neptune3 Studios, a production outfit based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, working with cast, crew and stories that revolved around their lives.

Arguably the only platform in Nigeria that explores the overlooked yet high potential Teen Drama category, their YouTube channel is nearing 1million subscribers, and the current series “Best Friends in The World” has a cult following that cuts across Africa, personable characters, beautiful visuals, relatable plot, predictable yet enjoyable. It’s so inspiring to see when young people especially, do not wait to be invited to the table but build an entire house! See their work here:

5. What’s up: This list of #Startup terminologies that saves you from embarrassment - or googling under the table. Most of us know #Unicorns but do you know there are #Dragons?! About Dragons, I once had a semi-permanent car sticker reading “Dragon” which my mum insisted had to go, because; “Don’t you know what Dragon means in the Bible?” “Well mummy, I’m Targaryen,” I said. “1st of my name.” It made absolutely no sense to her. I drove my car with pride as the Khaleesi that I’m not.

Then one day, I did a double-take. Someone had dexterously scraped off my sticker! Moral of the story? None. Just a TGIF ramble. Check out Startup jargon on Dragons & more here; 
Have a great weekend.


Every Friday-ish, I do a quick round up of 5 things; What I’m Inspired by, What I’m Reading, What I’m Excited About, What I Did and What’s Up! These are my takes on 5 significant, sublime and sometimes silly stuff! Follow me on Medium so you don’t miss this! Feedback’s great so don’t forget to clap, like, comment and share with others. Again…enjoy! #5WhatsFridays



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Omole Imosemi

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