End of the Year Marathon. #5WFs(24th)

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1. What I’m inspired by: A movie weekend that strengthened my belief in the uniqueness of our natural gifts, despite their seeming ubiquity. Thanks to this line from Jackson Maine to Ally; “Look, talent comes everywhere, but having something to say and a way to say it so that people listen to it, that’s a whole other bag.” You are special. Don’t forget it. #AStarIsBorn

2. What I’m reading: The #Norway Bow and Arrow Attack. According to a The New York Times report, “five people were killed and two more wounded…it was the deadliest attack in Norway in a decade…” This absolutely threw me, despite my knowledge of the “relative” low crime rates in the Scandinavian/Nordic region.

It beggars belief how humans occupying earth at the same time can have diametrically opposed existential experiences. One where the death of 5 people triggers a national red alert and another with heightened traumatized sensibilities on the sanctity of human life. But can we heal? Can we be whole again as a nation, a planet, a race?

3. What I’m excited about: The end of the year marathon. The one where everyone is desperately trying to get to the finish line; #sales, #events, #projects, #revenue, etc. Also, the one we know there is no use entering for, but will try anyway with feigned focus, a rush of adrenaline, near-success and eventual resignation to try another year. Now I’m trying to read 4 #books at the same time, to meet my 2021 reading #goals. Question; why, oh why are we always in this race? I saw you last year. Chances are I’ll see you again next year fully kitted. God help us all.

4. What I did: Made the call. I burst out laughing and found a kindred spirit watching #BradleyCooper speak on how he parked his car at the side of the road on his way from #RobertDeNiro’s house, contemplating how to make a call over something he had forgotten to include in a conversation he just concluded with De Niro. He had spoken for 40 minutes non-stop; out of nervousness perhaps, trying to pitch De Niro a role.

Now he was thinking as we do, when we have to call a higher-up; Should I call? Should I not? What’s the best way? What’s a good time? How soon is too soon? Will he pick? Will she ignore my call? The secret really (amongst other nuanced relationship etiquette) is to just do it. I did. Needless to say, I am still breathing. (lol)

5. What’s up: We hear it’s an outage not a blackout. Thanks for the clarification Ikeja Electric . Either way, yours truly and thousands of Lagosians will have to power businesses and homes for 8 weeks due to a disrupted power supply. For people who are used to relatively stable power, the situation is beginning to rankle — and it’s just the first week! Phew! Wish us luck, while you, please, have a great weekend.


Every Friday-ish, I do a quick round up of 5 things; What I’m Inspired by, What I’m Reading, What I’m Excited About, What I Did and What’s Up! These are my takes on 5 significant, sublime and sometimes silly stuff! Follow me on Medium so you don’t miss this! Feedback’s great so don’t forget to clap, like, comment and share with others. Again…enjoy! #5WhatsFridays



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Omole Imosemi

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