Et Tu Bill Gates?! #5WFs (45th)

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

1. What I’m inspired by: The fact that I am in the same bracket as Bill Gates! Well, not in the obvious way –yet. But an encouraging shared empathy of the hesitation that comes with navigating certain relationships in business. Some you side-step, cowering to a detrimental comfort, others you confront with shaky courage (Phil Knight and the Japanese in Shoe Dog) and the rest, you are stuck wondering just how you’ve gone from being a rock-star to a definite nuisance; see for #5WFs 24th edition reference to #BradleyCooper with #RobertDeNiro. Here is Bill saying how he sneaks in emails rather than make phone calls like Aliko, because he is just too shy. lol.

2. What I’m reading: About a scrap metal recycling company now valued at $180m according to Bloomberg LP With recently raised $6.2m, 31 year old Raymond OnovwigunRomco Group, plans to triple volume with focus in Nigeria and Ghana. This read provides some useful insights for value chain investment.

3. What I’m excited about: Progress! Celebrating 2 dogged women in my community; my friend Adenike Sanni on the opening of her second LGS store. little greensshop (LGS) is a healthy food store. You can check them out: And of course, my seatie from FGGC Benin (Yes! Secondary School), osarieme eguae, Founder and Creative Director #IngenioConcierge who did a whole spin around the Sun! #MonthofMarch #CelebratingWomen

4. What I did: Tidied up logistics for our first bookbased workshop of the year taking place Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th, at ZoneTech Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria. Thanking organizations who recognize value and have been diligent enough to send in delegates for this workshop, now in its 3rd year! 2022 Theme: Leveraging Gender Equality for Sustainable Careers and Organizations. Last minuterssss …here’s the last call you’ve been waiting for; DM directly or email to send in female delegates from your organization.

5. What’s up: Just a thought that entrepreneurship really does take one through the wringer; taunts you, deals you massive blows, squeezes you, sinks its fangs and drags through you from top to bottom leaving you at best, a glazed eyed version of the Walking Dead. Sometimes I ask; “Why would anybody on God’s green earth do this self-crucifixion?” Beats me. But I hear there’s a part where the wounds seal up, the body healing itself from inside; refusing to give way, inured by the persistent blows, and then…ta-da!, like Wolverine, the steel claws are out — clearing everything in its way. From self-destruct to indestruct-ible!


Every Friday-ish, I do a quick round up of 5 things; What I’m Inspired by, What I’m Reading, What I’m Excited About, What I Did and What’s Up! These are my takes on 5 significant, sublime and sometimes silly stuff! Follow me on Medium so you don’t miss this! Feedback’s great so don’t forget to clap, like, comment and share with others. Again…enjoy! #5WhatsFridays




Writer. Ex-Writer. Wannabe Writer.

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Omole Imosemi

Omole Imosemi

Writer. Ex-Writer. Wannabe Writer.

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