Now that you have to face post-lockdown

Dear You,

Welcome to the month of May.

Omole Imosemi, Founder, BrandLee Solutions.

Indeed these are interesting times.

Not too long ago, we had embarked on rigorous and elaborate strategy sessions. Some of these were replete with projections by economic pundits, and published industry reports by renowned research agencies. We had sufficiently interrogated our businesses with incontrovertible models; PESTELC, SWOT, ANSOFF, BCG, PLC, and the like, the output of which were stretch targets, deliverables, and objectives.

Perhaps some of these deliverables for our personal lives included travelling, reuniting with schoolmates from decades ago, taking a self-development course in some part of the world, or just watching your child attain a major milestone.

Then came the COVID-19 chaos.

In legal contractual documents, there is a provision that allows for a “Force Majeure”. This refers to natural occurrences or existential disruptions over which man has no control and could impact the ability of parties to honour contractual terms; acts of God (hurricane, volcano, thunder), pandemic, war, etc.

In the same vein, risk assessment models rank associated business risks, using weights determined by their likelihood and impact, in a bid to guide scarce resources towards effective mitigants.

But how does a business effectively mitigate an “Act of God”? How do you determine the nature, structure, and scale of this disruption? Who would have thought that our quarterly and annual projections could severely be humbled by one relegated addendum in our 2020 strategy document; “Force Majeure”?

The strength of humanity has however been in our ability to evolve, trudge, and thrive. Which is what we must do.

As the Federal Government of Nigeria relaxes the lockdown and reopens the economy in cities, particularly the commercial and federal capital; Lagos and Abuja respectively, we will teeter a slope before unbeknownst to us.

Please allow me to share my three (3) F’s for this period.

Image: HR Advisor

In accepting the realities that confront us, we must be FLEXIBLE. We must review our goals, targets, metrics, strategies, style, and tactics in line with today’s world — as it affects your business. Organizations have to be nimble and open to new opportunities, yet sensible not to embark on a wild goose chase.

If your sector belongs in the “COVID boomers”; telecoms, food, logistics, streaming media, etc., kindly review your business targets in line with that boom.

You may also adopt the “ 7 for 7” approach, a postulation by one of the greatest prime ministers of biblical times, Joseph, who advised Pharaoh of Egypt to maximize the 7 years of boom by storing up in anticipation for the subsequent 7 years of famine, making Pharaoh the wealthiest king of that era.

In confronting the adversity that threatens us, we must remain FOCUSED by holding on to what is important and letting go of what is not. It is easy to become discombobulated and sidetracked by the challenges within and outside our businesses. Novel distractions will come to whittle down our resolve but this must be matched with equal resilience and fervor.

Focus requires all hands being on deck which means all employees need to know what is at stake. Management has to evolve to leadership and engender a shared sense of responsibility across all cadres and functions.

Image: 123RF

Finally, for us to thrive, we must first survive, and to survive, we need to be FIT, physically, and mentally. We must adhere to COVID-19 precautions and guidelines as instructed by health authorities and the government. This applies to us as individuals and organizations.

In a period where screen time equals work time and more, it can be tremendously helpful to take time off the screen and engage in mind-stimulating exercises such as reading, journaling, board games, yoga, gardening, painting, meditation, and a good old conversation. Invest time in information and activities that allow you appreciate your surroundings and the world, rather than be scared of it.

For us at BrandLee Solutions, more than ever, we are poised to offer services that are relevant, impactful, value-adding, and empathetic. We will continue to work closely with clients, old and new, to deduce pain and pressure points, as well as design learning solutions that meet these peculiar business needs. Please expect innovative and flexible approaches to learning as we work hand-in-hand with your business in delivering set objectives in these trying times.

My lawyer tells me the COVID-19 pandemic is not an “Act of God”. I agree.

I however respond that “Act of God” or not, one thing remains clear — man must act. Evolve we must, trudge we will and thrive we shall.

May God help us all.

Warm regards,
Omole Imosemi (Ms.)
Founder, BrandLee Solutions

Writer. Ex-Writer. Wannabe Writer.

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Omole Imosemi

Omole Imosemi

Writer. Ex-Writer. Wannabe Writer.

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