The Future Belongs to Those Who Game!#5WFs (38th.)

Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash

1. What I’m inspired by: The story behind Rocky! I recently surfed my way into the info that Sylvester Stallone actually wrote and created Rocky. Apparently, after the frustration of being persistently cast as a thug — Hollywood stereotype, he took his future into his hands and turned to his talent of writing, creating one of the world’s most loved, inspiring and commercially successful franchise. Is it not many a time that the answers to our deepest desires actually lie in our hands? Here is the fun & revealing Stallone interview hosted by his daughters.

2. What I’m reading: Cal Newport’s call to join the Slow Movement. In this article; ‘It’s Time to Embrace Slow Productivity’, he opines that in order to avoid employee burnout (& The Great Resignation?), organizations have to adopt systems and culture that allow for ‘Slow Work’. What does this mean? See here:

3. What I’m excited about: The fight for/against gaming! MICROS Systems Inc acquired Activision Blizzard in what pundits call ‘a $70b (cash deal) big bet on the future of games…’ Similarly, Carry1st, an African Games Publisher raised a $20m Series A. These companies, alongside many others, are said to be ‘positioning for the next generation of internet users’. Indeed, the future belongs to those who game — or don’t. Meanwhile, here is a soft read on how gamification manipulates you and me.

4. What I did: Listened to music from TY BELLO’s trending album; ‘We are Fire’. My takeaway? i. A resurgence of hope concerning our nation and my inescapable responsibility towards its purpose. ii. An admiration for how TY BELLO successfully straddles photography and music, a subtle life lesson on the importance of first being the Jack of one trade, and then all.

5. What’s up: The #2021AFCON. I have only been listening to spirited match commentaries but this Sunday, we watch! Go Super Eagles! Then this, if you have a friend in Goldman Sachs, call them up because, like we say here, they are to get a serious alert! The firm did so well in 2021 with profits more than doubling to $27bn. What’s more, pay and bonuses will average $400,000 per employee, the highest since 2007! What did you say? God when? lol. Well, it’s January still. Let’s make it happen, shall we?


Every Friday-ish, I do a quick round up of 5 things; What I’m Inspired by, What I’m Reading, What I’m Excited About, What I Did and What’s Up! These are my takes on 5 significant, sublime and sometimes silly stuff! Follow me on Medium so you don’t miss this! Feedback’s great so don’t forget to clap, like, comment and share with others. Again…enjoy! #5WhatsFridays




Writer. Ex-Writer. Wannabe Writer.

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Omole Imosemi

Omole Imosemi

Writer. Ex-Writer. Wannabe Writer.

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